Musings of a Dataphile is written by Nick Owen.

Currently employed by Lawton Communications Group Ltd as a Data Planner.

My experience of analytics started with student numbers, fees and funding and since my move into marketing has encompassed metrics for online campaigns, web analytics, cost per vacancy monitoring, a bit of offline direct marketing planning and analysis, digital media campaign analysis and most recently social media analytics.

I’ve been a data analyst for just over ten years now after a chance encounter with a malicious student record system. It taught me the need for the power to turn data into information and how to recognise patterns in the results.

I started late, but with hindsight perhaps I was always heading this way. My interest and ability in subjects at school was always around those with hard and fast answers. Yes or No. Things which needed a good logical approach and a decent memory.

I’ve had a few mentors, a few ‘yoda’s’ that have spurred me on and kept me asking “but why?” which is really what its all about. It’s all very well knowing that the figures have changed or their are peaks and troughs, but we need to know why.

This is my personal blog and all opinions expressed on the pages of this blog are mine alone and do not reflect those of my employers.