Greetings and salutations.

I was on the speaking circuit earlier this week at the SocialPR 2011 event (#socialpr) on Monday 28th and at the TFM&A event at Earls Court 2 on Tuesday 1st.

The deck that I presented at both events was titled:  The importance of social media monitoring in the video games industry. A slightly unwieldy title I admit. (The alternative title was ‘What can data tell us about zombies, aliens and headshots’).

The deck was put together by me and Al Gray (@alasdairgray) and focuses on trying to understand how different content, released as part of the promotional activity for a video game, can affect the levels of interest and conversation around a title. I explained how different video games require different types of content to promote them based on the genre and format of the game. I also looked at the timing of content and the impact of DLC as part of the video games lifespan.

Big thanks goes to Seb (@sebhempstead) and Giles (@joodoo9) at Brandwatch for inviting me to share the stage with them, and then allowing me to take over, and also to Mike Phillips (@imjustmike) and Chris Buckley (@buckers) for their input on the deck.

The people at Influence People were also very friendly and supportive which was great because I’ll be honest with you, it was the first time that I’d done something like this and I was more than a little nervous. I needn’t have been, because I knew the subject matter back-to-front, but I’m a gabbler usually and have to concentrate hard on speaking slowly and clearly.

Once I’d got over my stage-fright (or The Chokes, for all you Boosh lovers) I think I did ok. People at the event on Monday said they enjoyed the presentation or that they found it useful. So you can judge for yourselves,  the results can be seen below:

There is also a link to a video, streamed live on the day, below (I appear halfway through the first video):

There was a live Twitter feed at the event, the reception was very positive, and I’ve got a few new followers as a result of my appearance.

Post-event I was approached by Redwood, who run the Royal Mail Media Centre, and they are going to be hosting the deck as part of a special piece they’re doing on social gaming.