Big moment. First post. I’ve done all sorts of different data analysis in the marketing world in the last 5 years (web analytics, dm, email, digital media, cost per vacancy) but the part of it that’s really got my drooling is social media analytics and that will be the focus of this blog. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting and enjoyable.

I think there are two reasons why I find it so fascinating:

  1. Its relatively new (particularly in comparison to direct marketing) so we can write the rulebook, we can define and drive development of the technology that enables the measurement.
  2. The data is alive. Its no just rows and rows of data about spending patterns (which I expect is actually quite awesome), its people’s words, their views, their opinions and feelings. For me that drives the challenge beyond data analysis and into the realm of sociology, of psychology and linguistics.

Oh, and there might be a few tanks and Star Wars references thrown in to, for good measure.